360° Degree Feedback

Today, comprehensive assessment and feedback is one of the main HR tools. Its worth is determined by how well it is adjusted to the specific nature of your company.

At TEST, we developed a proprietary and flexible method for carrying out 360° Degree Feedback, which allows us to collect comprehensive and accurate feedback on how an assessed employee or a group of employees function at the company.

Our on-line tools for 360° Degree Feedback, which have been tested in dozens of completed projects, provide a unique opportunity to take a picture of the entire organisation and get feedback about its overall performance.

Assess regularly or give feedback to all employees or a group of employees, e.g. your management. Use the one-off audit tool needed to gain comprehensive and profound information on the assessed employees. Define specific development and training needs. Make personnel decisions.

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360° Degree Feedback – why our help will be so effective

We will prepare an on-line, tailor-made audit adjusted to your company specific environment.
You will benefit from our proprietary tools developed by experienced consultants and tested throughout multiple projects.
You will receive an objective and comprehensive assessment of your employees’ competencies.
We will make it easier for you to plan development based on detailed data contained in Individual Reports.
We will analyse the situation within teams and the level of key competencies at your company.

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