Employee satisfaction survey

Analyse anonymously employees’ satisfaction and find out what is their opinion on various aspects of your company’s activity.

At TEST, we conduct both cyclical attitude and opinion surveys – regularly monitoring employees’ needs and expectations, as well as one-off satisfaction surveys – collecting information required by the company to introduce transformations or surveying employees’ opinions on the outcome of implemented changes.

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Employee satisfaction surveys – why our help will be so effective

We will provide the management board, managers and HR department of your organisation with reliable, comprehensive and anonymised information on employees’ opinions and their satisfaction level, which are crucial for making informed decisions related to organisation management.
You will improve communication in your organisation, making the information flow within teams and between them more efficient.
You will engage employees and increase their efficiency.
You will enhance the image of your company as an organisation which cares for the needs of its team.
You will be able to deploy the extensive experience of our consultants, as well as our reliable and proprietary tools and applications designed for conducting employee satisfaction surveys.

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