Salary Reports by manaHR

In connection with rapid growth and increasing demand from the Clients, following 19 years of business activity, in 2018 the Analyses and Salary Surveys Department was converted into a separate company engaged in remuneration consulting and since then has continued to operate under the name manaHR.

Salary Report by manaHR is based on countrywide salary data derived from over 800 companies in every edition. It is the largest report developed by a Polish company. It contains accurate regional and industry data from 400 positions presented on 17 different levels.

Selected clients using salary reports by manaHR

Salary Reports by manaHR – why is it worth using them

You will optimise costs and plan payroll budgets based on the market data
You will have access to latest data on remuneration for several hundred positions in the form of reports updated four times a year.
You will be able to compare data on remuneration in relation to specific regions and industries.
You will precisely match the positions at your company to positions in the Report, and thereby you will be able to accurately compare salaries.
If your company takes part in the survey, you will receive Poland Salary Survey free of charge along with discounts for other reports.

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