Executive search

The recruitment of leaders and senior managers is a sophisticated job.

It involves the ability to create balance between your company’s interest – finding an outstanding leader, who will substantially affect your business, and expectations of that person, who knows his or her worth, and whose worth is known by the market.

That is why, at TEST we put the same amount of effort into finding suitable candidates, as we put into finding for exceptional leaders a position, which will allow them to grow.

We have successfully completed hundreds of executive search projects, because for nearly thirty years we have diligently built a network of contacts involving current and future senior managers, building trust and being a trustworthy partner in their career development.

We know how important discretion is when it comes to executive search. We guarantee confidentiality. If required, the job interview may be held at our office.

Selected customers using our recruitment services

Executive search – why our help will be so effective

You may rely on personal responsibility of an executive search consultant, who will be your primary point of contact over the whole process.
We will reduce your effort and take care of the entire process – from minimum initial formalities through analysis of needs, executive search, assessment of candidates’ potential, reporting, recommending, arranging meetings, and participating in negotiations relating to terms of employment contract and making a job offer. We will ensure positive candidate experience.
You risk nothing. We charge you only after the recommended candidate has been employed (success fee) and we provide guarantee.
We will reach active and passive candidates who are successful in their industries by using our network of contacts.
We will lend you a hand when negotiating employee’s remuneration based on the largest Polish salary report by manaHR and our executive search consultants’ market knowledge.
You may expect top quality – we regularly check the satisfaction level of our clients’ and employed candidates.

Start to work with us now and make your recruitment process as short as possible!

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