Development programmes

Development programmes, created by TEST, are systems of employee development tailored to suit your organisation. They are intended for individual, team and strategic development.

Since the needs of each organisation in terms of development programmes are so specific, we prepare them in close collaboration with you.

The company’s chances for growth and success are strongly connected to development potential of your employees. By establishing a development programme your company will gain leverage.

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Development programmes – why our help will be so effective

If you are hiring, together we will develop a programme which will be your vital asset for attracting key candidates from the labour market.
If you are in the course of adapting newcomers, we will help you with modelling the attitude of new employees. We will create a programme to provide a source of information for a new employee concerning company’s expectations and development opportunities.
If you are building career paths, we will define precise criteria for changing positions and promoting vertically and horizontally.
If you are planning employee development, we will build foundations for the entire development process, design relevant directions and forms of employee development.

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