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For decades, at TEST, we have been streamlining Development Centre programmes to account for the changing market environment.

If you are planning development policy, we will detect competency gaps in your organisation and highlight hidden talents. You will be able to plan short- and long-term training programmes.

If you aim at developing talents, we will help you to develop employees who show potential. By means of adequately selected tools, we will be able to determine which competencies require development in terms of the employee’s career path.

We will expand your incentive schemes – DC sessions conducted by TEST, in addition to measuring potential, have a motivational effect as well. You will motivate your employees allowing them to gain self-awareness regarding their functioning. Feedback which follows a DC session will be an inspiration and springboard for further self-development.

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Development Centre – why our help will be so effective

You will be able to plan the development of your employees based on accurate and comprehensive information on how your employees function and what their skills and attitudes are.
You will optimise the costs of talent management and non-financial incentive schemes.
We will provide you with relevant data, making it easier for you to make decisions on career paths planning and succession plans involving outstanding members of your team.
By engaging external assessors from TEST to conduct DC sessions you will emphasise organisations’s transparency.
You will save time. Individual and Group Reports will allow you to make informed decisions on talent management. You will find there not only a detailed evaluation of competencies, but also personalised development suggestions, based on which participants will be able to independently plan their development.
We will enhance your employees’ engagement. Thanks to the feedback meetings, participants will be able to comprehend outcomes of DC sessions described in Individual Reports, discuss their situation – aspirations and development opportunities in relation to company’s needs, as well as prepare PDPs (Personal Development Programs).

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