Irrespective of whether the outplacement program includes a group of employees or an individual manager, at TEST we approach outplacement as a process. We develop a set of actions intended to support a company in planning lay-offs as well as during and after the reduction process.

We focus not only on the laid off employees. The managerial and executive staff and HR department, who make very difficult and stressful decisions, receive help as well.

The outplacement program will include also employees remaining at the organisation, as their situation may only seem to be comfortable.

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Outplacement – why our help will be so effective

We will support the management board, managers and HR department of your company in the process of making very tough decisions related to downsizing, planning lay-offs and voluntary redundancy program.
You will be aided in holding talks with trade unions and work councils.
We will assist people responsible for internal communication and PR in communicating lay-offs.
We will agree on a package of outplacement services offered to laid-off employees.
You may count on effective technical and psychological help for the laid-off employees consisting of advisory and training services, and searching for a new job.
You will procure support for managers and their teams in building new teams, raising up morale and commitment, and motivate to work.

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