Personnel audit

By choosing Personnel Audit by TEST, you may count on adequate assessment of competencies and professional potential of employees in the context of company’s plans and needs. The audit is most frequently conducted in the form of Assessment and Development Centre.

We will help you in solving on-going dilemmas related to making right decisions on hiring, promotion and transfer of employees.

Working with us, you will be able to plan career paths, make succession plans, select employees suitable for specific projects and special tasks. You will be able to build optimum development paths and define education methods (coaching, mentoring, training, Master’s programs, specialist courses, self-development etc.).

If your company is undergoing changes related to transfer of ownership, mergers, reorganisations or downsizing, we will collect comprehensive information on employees’ competencies, so that you could make correct staffing decisions.

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Personnel audit – why our help will be so effective

You will obtain detailed information on personnel audit participants, whereby you will be able to make right decisions and avoid employing or promoting wrong people.
You will develop optimum personnel policy. We will provide you with comprehensive information on the level of competencies of your employees.
You will be able to rely on advanced, proprietary methods deployed by TEST and Individual Reports which contain information useful for decision-making process and some development suggestions.
We will precisely tailor coaching or training activities to suit the group of audited employees.
You may also expect to receive rankings of employees which take into account your company’s priorities.

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