Assessment Centre

Assessment Centre is one of the tools used to comprehensively and reliably assess employees’ competencies. It is usually deployed during selection and recruitment processes as well as for the purposes of determining employees’ development needs. In the course of an Assessment Centre session, the participants complete a number of tasks relevant to their job. The tasks reflect real-life situations, likely to occur at a certain position, which makes the method so thorough and ensures measurable outcomes.

At TEST, we audited thousands of candidates using Assessment Centre, streamlining our proprietary tools and methods.

When hiring for managerial and specialist positions, you are provided with a complex image of a candidate, which is more accurate and comprehensive than the one obtained through job interviews. Thanks to our methods, you will be able to select responsible and competent employees predisposed to perform a specific role in your organisation and team.

Bulk hiring of graduates or production workers requires using efficient and reliable tools for measuring attitudes such as teamwork, quality orientation, observance of procedures, analytical and manual skills.

Assessment Centre by TEST ensures accuracy of selection, minimises the duration of recruitment process, reduces employee turnover, curbs costs of introducing newcomers, and increases efficiency and productivity.

We have thirty years of experience in developing and conducting Assessment Centre sessions for a myriad of industries and positions. Sessions are conducted by our consultants in a direct or on-line form.

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Assessment Centre – why our help will be so effective

We will provide you with reliable data for making informed recruitment decisions. You will get accurate and comprehensive information on candidates’ attitudes and skills in terms of criteria important for your company.
We will optimise your costs related to recruitment, and you will be able to select candidates who are most suited for the position and for your organisation in general.
We will minimise engagement on your part. Individual and Group Reports will make it easier for you to make staffing decisions. On request, you will receive rankings of candidates based on the outcomes of AC sessions.
We will decrease the turnover rate and costs resulting from wrong recruitment decisions.
As regards bulk hiring, we will maximise the process efficiency and, if required, we will provide a relevant logistic back-end.

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