Psychological support for employees

Professional psychological support for employees is an extremely important form of support that an employer can offer. This is particularly the case when an employee is experiencing a crisis, severe stress or other difficulties that they cannot cope with on their own while those around them are unable to help them. Professional or personal problems and long-term stress can affect employees’ motivation. If there is a person in your company who needs support – you can help them. We know that such situations can be difficult, which is why we take an individual approach to every situation.

Psychological counselling makes it possible to support employees quickly by creating an action plan and choosing appropriate forms of work. It also helps point the affected person in the right direction to get further assistance if required.

The form of work and the number of consultations is determined individually.

Psychological consultations are conducted in accordance with the Psychological First Aid programme recommended by the World Health Organisation (WHO).

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Psychological support for employees – why we can help you effectively

You will be able to make a real difference to the emotional state and wellbeing of your employees and support them through a difficult situation. This will prevent the development of negative consequences of a crisis.
Your employees as well as your company will receive professional psychological support and care in a difficult situation.
By choosing psychological support for employees, you support not only the person in crisis, but also the entire team in which they work.
You will benefit from professional psychological support.
You will build your image as an employer who is aware of the needs of their employees. In this way, you will catch the attention of candidates and boost the attractiveness of your company on the job market.
By taking advantage of psychological support for employees, you will raise your employees’ awareness about their own mental state and help them look after it.
You will benefit from working with experienced TEST consultants – coaches with extensive business and HR experience.

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