TEST is composed of outstanding people, passionate about HR. That is why the majority of consultants stays with us for longer … some even for 28 years! 

Adela Zacharzewska
Member of the Board
Adela Zacharzewska has been a partner for over 28 years. She graduated from the University of Wrocław and broadened her knowledge of economics and accounting at the Polish Economic Society. She is the originator of the idea and founder of the HR Club of Lesser Poland associating HR managers and practitioners from largest companies in Southern Poland. In personal life, an enotourism enthusiast, who lengthens the life of bottle corks transforming them into jewellery and room decor. The owner of impressive collection of hats.
Jarosław Pięta
Member of the Board
Jarosław Pięta has been a partner for over 28 years. He specialises in shared service centres industry (SSC/BPO), IT and production (over fifty launched centres and plants). In addition, he has long experience in executive search, recruitment and HR Consulting. After work, a very passionate basketball player, less passionate biker, occasional football player, and a fan of short film.

Agata Broś 
Senior Project Manager & Development Coordinator
Agata Broś has been working at TEST for 14 years. She graduated from the Jagiellonian University, Faculty of Psychology. She is a member of the Polish Association of Behavioural Psychology and lecturer at Tischner European University (post-graduate courses in human resources management). Currently a head of Consulting Department. Apart from that, always on the go. Seasoned traveller. Every year, she travels around the Earth. At least once :)!
Justyna Drabik
Senior Project Manager
Justyna Drabik has been working at TEST for 13 years. She is the head of the Recruitment Department. She is a psychologist. She graduated from the Jagiellonian University and completed the post-graduate course in HR Management at the Kraków University of Economics. In her free time, to get away from the world of HR, she becomes a trendsetter and looks for fashion inspiration. 

Piotr Głowaty
Senior IT Project Manager
Piotr Głowaty has been working at TEST for 15 years. He graduated from the AGH University of Science and Technology, faculty of EAIiE. He has long experience in conducting HR projects based on dedicated IT tools. He is responsible for the IT facets of consulting and recruitment projects. After work, a loyal fan of sport and touring motorcycles.
Martyna Wielgus
Marketing & PR Manager

Martyna Wielgus has been working at TEST for 5 years. She graduated from the Kraków Jagiellonian University, faculty of Journalism and Social Communication. She is responsible for marketing, advertising and relations with media partners. She also coordinates HR in Business and IT Service Centres Conference.  She is a keen live music fan, enjoys watching favourite TV shows at home and motorcycle rides. 

Krzysztof Bujak
Member of the Board at manaHR

He worked at TEST for 10 years where he was responsible for managing the Analyses and Salary Surveys Department. At present, he is co-managing manaHR, into which the department has been transformed. He gives lectures for the participants of the post-graduate courses in human resources management. His areas of expertise include strategies and restructuring of remuneration systems. He wrote a number of articles about remuneration and motivating employees.  An owner of a domesticated bear cub, whom friends call dog… out of courtesy. 
Dorota Bodek
Member of the Board at manaHR

Having worked for 9 years at the Analyses and Salary Surveys Department, she is co-managing manaHR, a separate company into which the department has been transformed. She graduated from the Jagiellonian University, faculty of Applied Psychology, and from Tischner European University, faculty of Human Resources Management. In personal life, an enthusiast of long- and short-distance travels, hiking off the beaten track, and all kinds of initiatives involving good people and wonderful food :)     

Consultants and trainers

The TEST’s team is composed of over fifty full-time and experienced HR specialists working at the company’s head office in Kraków and its branches in Warsaw and Wrocław. The majority of our consultants have been working at TEST for several years, which ensures stability and high quality of conducted projects. The team includes psychologists, economists, sociologists, HR management specialists and management trainers. Some of our consultants have international management consultant and trainer certificate awarded by Thames Valley University in London.

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