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In connection with rapid development and increasing demand on the Clients’ part, in 2018 the Analyses and Salary Survey Department was transformed into a separate company dedicated to remuneration consulting, to continue its business activity as manaHR.

For over 12 years we have been constructing and implementing efficient remuneration systems for the leaders on the Polish market, adjusting our methodology adequately to match the organisation’s nature while taking into account the current labour market environment as well as the Client’s expectations. 

When do I need a remuneration system analysis?

  • When a new incentive scheme is underway with a view to support major strategic goals of a company.
  • If a company has recently undergone key changes and therefore it needs to systematize system’s structures or rebuild the entire salary system to make it match the company’s new standards.
  • If for any reason the current salary system is ineffective – it fails to adequately motivate employees or support proper fulfilment of company goals.

An old and malfunctioning salary system entails high rotation among the employees and their escape to competitive companies. Needless to say, it is a substantial threat to any company, especially, when it faces a loss of key and talented employees.

What are the benefits from a remuneration systems analysis?

Proven solutions based on experience gained during several dozen projects involving valuation and reorganisation of salary systems in diversified companies – from large production plants through shared service centres, higher education and public administration institutions.
Assistance in making changes social during communication with a social partner which translated into employees’ acceptance for introduced changes.
Tailor-made salary system – based on two pillars – internal hierarchy of positions and related company specific environment, as well as current level of market salaries (based on manaHR Salary Surveys and carefully selected external sources).
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