Organisational culture survey is a unique tool used to check which behaviours and values are promoted within a company. The survey allows us to determine what is so unique and exceptional about the company. In addition, necessary modifications may be determined and planned so as to balance the gap between employees’ needs and expectations, and principles imposed by the employer.

When do I need organisational culture survey? 

  • To understand the company, its way of functioning, and to integrate company’s needs with employees’ objectives and needs.
  • ·         When significant changes are being implemented in the organisation, organisational culture survey is aimed to raise employees’ engagement and minimise their reluctance to changes.

  • ·         When merger is underway and two separate organisational cultures need to be combined.

  • If there is a need of changing and adjusting new requirements to the market.

Organisational culture survey helps to understand the company’s specific nature and its foundations. It is a source of valuable information useful for team management which brings a number of measurable benefits.

What are the benefits of organisational culture survey?

Better understanding of the entire organisation, its specific nature and foundations.
Developing and planning actions to enhance values, which are desirable for employees or result from market needs, and which have not been used before. 
Streamlining operations, processed and behaviours within the company, which may have substantial bearing on its functioning.
Comprehensive report describing culture, values and needs of employees as benchmarked against values arbitrarily promoted by the company. The reports include not only a detailed description of organisation’s culture but also individualised recommendations based on which the employer may make further decisions aimed to improve the company’s functioning.
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