Development Centre

Development Centre is the most effective method designed to diagnose potential and professional competencies with a view to planning their development. Its effectiveness consists in many-sided assessment of candidates’ skills and abilities through varied tasks as monitored by several assessors. Thanks to the feedback sessions, DC participants learn to understand their behaviours as perceived by others and as expected by the company, and have the opportunity to plan their development.

When do I need Development Centre?
  • When planning on the development and training policy as part of company talent management. Development Centre projects are intended for key employees, for whom a career path is planned.
  • To collect comprehensive information on competencies of the employees and choosing proper directions and forms of professional development (coaching, mentoring, courses, post-graduate courses, work on projects, training etc.).
  • If there is a need to broaden the employees’ and teams’ self-awareness which allows them to solve problems arising during teamwork and adjust themselves to better suit company needs. 

Development Centre projects are particularly recommended to companies which expect to have their key employees’ potential and competencies diagnosed in an effective way.

What are the benefits of Development Centre?

    Planning employees’ development based on accurate and comprehensive information on the way of functioning, skills and attitudes of employees.

    Optimisation of talent management and non-financial incentives costs. 

    • Right decisions on building career paths and succession plans for valuable employees. 
    •  Individual and group reports facilitating decisions on talent management. They include not only a detailed assessment of competencies but also individualised development suggestions based on which a participant may plan his or her self-development right away.
  •  Feedback meetings, which allow the participants to fully understand the results of DC sessions as described in individual reports, discuss their situation – aspirations and development possibilities in the context of company needs, develop a personal development plan.
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