Executive Search is a reliable method of recruitment of key executive and management staff as well as high quality specialists. Executive Search method is a great means to reach candidates, who have achieved professional success. Such people rarely search for a new job; therefore, a headhunter’s task is to find them, present them a job offer and encourage them to participate in the recruitment process.

How Executive Search may be useful?

  • To access interesting candidates with a number of professional achievements, who are currently employed and are not planning to change their employer, so they are not responsive to regular forms of recruitment;
  • To access people with rare and unique professional skills and high personal and technical competencies; 
  • During a takeover of key employees from competitive companies.

Our company takes pride in being remarkably effective – for 28 years, using the Executive Search method, we filled over 2,000 managerial and key specialist positions. 

What are the benefits of Executive Search?

Acquiring valuable candidates, who achieved success in their industry and on their positions.
Comprehensive information about the prospective employee – his or her strengths as well as development needs, knowledge of the industry, contacts and tested methods of business behaviours.
Our experience and considerable skills of assessing manager’s competencies coupled with knowledge of the salary market.
Reduction in time of recruitment process to the necessary minimum.
Individual Reports with advanced substantive content and information useful when making personnel decisions.
Thorough verification of references of a selected candidate.
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