Outplacement is a set of comprehensive actions intended to support company in planning lay-offs as well as during and after the reduction process. In spite of what might be expected, a well-conducted outplacement program is not focused only on the laid off employees. The managerial and executive staff and HR department, which takes very difficult and stressful decisions, receive help as well. As part of a model outplacement, employees remaining at the organisation need to be taken into account, too, as their situation may only seem to be comfortable.      

When do I need outplacement?

  • If reduction is planned – TEST’ consultants help management boards and HR departments in making organisational and technical decisions concerning planning of reduction process, voluntary severance pay programs etc., so that reductions were effected in a calm atmosphere and preventing fake sick leaves („L4”) and other undesirable behaviours of employees. At this stage, the consultants help to agree on a package of outplacement services offered to laid-off employees and participate in meetings with trade unions and work councils.
  • To support work of PR Specialist or Communication Specialist both as regards internal actions and outside environment.
  • To prepare managerial and executive staff and HR department to carry out reductions and handle layoff meetings.

What are the benefits of outplacement?

Support for management boards, managers, directors and HR departments in the process of making very difficult decisions relating to layoffs.  
Effective technical and psychological help for the laid-off employees consisting of advisory and training services, and searching for a new job.
Once the reduction process has been completed, support for managers and their teams in building new teams, raising up morale and commitment, and motivate to work.
  • Support for people responsible for inter-company communication and PR during communicating outplacements.
Helps to preserve an image of a good employer both among the laid-off employees, as well as the employees remaining at the company. 
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