Assessment Centre

Assessment Centre is the most effective method designed to diagnose potential and professional competencies. Its effectiveness consists in many-sided assessment of candidates’ skills and abilities through varied tasks as monitored by several assessors. Simulated (hence artificial) conditions in which candidates are being assessed, make it possible to profoundly analyse their skills and draw accurate conclusions regarding their professional potential.

When do I need Assessment Centre?

  • When recruiting for managerial and specialist positions, Assessment Centre allows you to obtain profound information about candidates. Even most experienced recruiter during a well-prepared job interview is not able to get such a comprehensive picture of a candidate as is assessor during an AC session. The higher and more responsible the position, the more important it is to choose the right employee because his or her decisions generate greater costs.
  • When recruiting for regular positions, especially jobs in a production department. A thorough analysis of competencies and attitudes, including team work, work according to the procedure, or manual skills is not possible during an interview. Owing to Assessment Centre we may assess the actual skills. Given the costs of employee introduction and training, the costs of AC pay back in the first months of well-suited employees’ work.     

In AC projects, we use advanced and tested diagnostic tools, which for over 28 years have been developed and adjusted to our Clients’ needs.

What are the benefits of Assessment Centre?

Supporting recruitment decisions – gaining accurate and comprehensive information about the functioning, skills and abilities taking into account the criteria important for the company (competencies, task difficulty, organizational culture and other).
Optimisation of costs related to employee recruitment by better adjustment of candidates to particular working conditions and job requirements.
Individual and group reports facilitating the decision-making process. If requested by the clients, we prepare rankings of candidates based on the AC session results.
 Decreasing rotation at a company and reducing costs incurred as a result of unsuitable personnel.
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