Competency-based job descriptions is a basic HR tool used in many areas of HR management from recruitment of candidates, adaptation of new employees, through performance evaluation and planning payroll policy based on job valuation.

    When do I need competency-based job descriptions?
  • During recruitment – job descriptions are the basis for preparing job ads and candidate’s profile.
  • During selection of candidates – job descriptions are basis for devising selection tools, i.e. job interview, simulation, case study, Assessment Centre etc.
  • When using competency model and periodic appraisal – job descriptions are basis for devising competency system used when carrying out periodic appraisals.
  • When developing career paths – job descriptions are basis for creating organisational structure, planning of career paths and promotion.
  • During training – job descriptions are basis for planning employee development after the discrepancies between job requirements and employee evaluation have been analysed.
  • In the case of job valuation – job descriptions are basis for job valuation committee.

What are the benefits of competency-based job-descriptions?

Systematisation of key tasks, accountabilities and authorizations of each position. 
Creating basis for decision making process as regards recruitment and selection, competency evaluation and employee performance.
Job descriptions are basis of the salary system, and in particular job valuation.
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